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Live The Moment!

A lot of our day to day stresses come about because we are constantly living in the past or worrying about the future. Yet, all we ever have, or can actually expereince is the present moment. If you find it hard to be present or to focus on being right here, right now, it's probably an idea to pay close attention to small children and your pets at home. They are amongst the world's greatest teachers in living the moment. They are always 'present' and focused on whatever they are doing! I find it fascinating watching children and animals in action because they always live in the NOW. Just look at this kid...she's really immersed in the moment without a thought for last week or next month. She was really enjoying herself and I was enjoying watching her chase these pigeons. For a beautiful moment there, I forgot whatever I was thinking about. She helped me stop to smell the roses.
Living the moment does not mean you don't plan ahead or think about the future. It would of course be good to do everything necessary to be absolutely prepared in life but once you've done everything you could, just let go. Enjoy today because tomorrow isn't here yet!
September 5, 2012

20 responses on "Live The Moment!"

  1. Living the present moment,interesting topic dear,
    I say times is our greatest asset and the same time is also our greatest enemy.
    Since the beginning of time,creatures are go against time, always in a hurry,why are we hurry for ! making it short,times shorten our life span. The present moment of living is very short coz the clock is ticking in every second of our precious life. That’s to telling us we’re living in the past in every second the clock ticked.
    Take a good look at those folks in the old folks home, what is that telling us old and dying. Now this topic can also easily leading us to another topic of living longivity, how’re we doing that. God know how, isn’t that a good question !
    Remember the words a person be able to attained his or her enlightenment, first you have to living in the wealth of Love.
    Let love flood your body and soul, Love in a person doesn’t come over night, it take passion,dedication,devotion and faithfulness.

    A human life is very simple you can only eat so much on one meal intake, the same for you can only wear so much on you at one occasion in any event. I can only drove one car at a time but of course I love to drove two at the same time. However,that’s only if can have the two of me.

  2. Beautiful baby from the outside in, how they remind you of yesterday years. Their present took you away from the futures but to brought you back living in the present moment. You will never know what the future hold, predicting is the games we all playing. Phylosophy, is what we’re
    exchanging in helping you get through the obstlecle you’re facing. Believing in Love is completely difference , it enlighten your soul. We’re looking up to the Almighty in guiding us when we’re lost, to take us back into the right track, with his loving power. Make sure you do not confuse yourself in these area. With the wealth of Love in your soul
    I guarranty you will see no wall in front of you, the power of Love will lead you through to your destiny.

  3. Living in a high cost of living society, it is causing a lots of people living in stresses. You would not know will there be foods on the table for the family tomorrow. You would not know will you be able to make it home safe. There are many home invasion in broad daylight, personal property robbery days and night, women got rape at anytime of the day, child abduction and pedophile go all out loose. People get harm or kill by these evil roaming all over the places. Lawless enforcement harassing it citizen everyday, the same time encouraging those criminals to keep continuing what they do best.

    Sometime I wonder are we living in a place which is worst then the under developing nation. Sounding like living in an evil roaming community. When people living their life in this stage, it really posing a very alarming stage. They will go all out to cause grievous to whoever they come across with. These evil are living like tomorrow never going to come, my life now is live or die. Where is the heart and brain for people whom are running the country.

    Frankly, I would never want to live in a society as this low life standard not even ever mention to come for a visit. I can foresee in the next 10 years coming is going to get worst still, those hibernating tomorrow criminals are going all out to haunt everybody. God please bless this nation in peace.

    Thanks, for having this distress workshop for helping the people coping their pain, that most have no place to turn to.

    Being sensible is to be living good.
    Being materialized will cause you in pain.
    Being Loved is been able to forever living.

    My quote to you dear, is so easy to fall in love with your healing, but is so hard to walk away.

  4. I was walking in the wood the other day, it was in the morning , summer hot weather really heated us up. But the breezie winds in the wood can really calm our body heat down, taking a break on a fallen lodge been sitting there for sometime. You can see some of those creepy crawly moving on their track making their way to do whatever they’re suppose to. And for me I was enjoying the shed under those big tall walnuts, maple, hazel, and pine trees. Listening to the sound of those trees when the leafs moved by the wind, it like whispering to anyone. Please do enjoy my present and glad to brought you living in your present moment. Of just looking at those hard working critters in stagnant making their circuit in way of feeding themself in a slow moving mode. Your mind has taken away by them and you’re drawing all the attention into the present moment of living.
    Give yourself some good loving memories , will sure last you a life times. Giving without expecting any in return that’s forever living.

    Live your human life fully to the good extent in consciousness, then it will lift your soul in enlightenment.

  5. I was at the river bank today, love the sound of the wide river flowing.The depth of the water level is only to your knee cap, the water current was moderate, but is mirror clear. You can walk out into the river, like those who are having fun in casting their line. Or you can just stand in the middle of the flowing watching those beautiful big Hughes salmon making their way up stream. Nature is such an amazing power the things she created always has it way in doing their chores. Salmon in the fishes species they are the only fish so far I can see was the only specie has such a dedicated nature. Spawn and grow in the creek or river then making their way out to the big wonder ocean to strike for their living. When time come for them to complete their journey of life span before that moment took place, they mate then spawn leaving their future to carry on their journey. A specie of dedication, passion,devotion, and destiny to finished their living. I was in the middle of the flowing watching this happening given me a scene of peace,love ,passion and devotion. Living the present moment in Love.

  6. The much cooling wind is blowing in the air, the early fall wind is reminding us the Northerner, the season of colors changing on those leafs will very soon taking place.
    Rain fall will be here for anytime of the day, just to add up the scene a little more of feeling Autumn. Leafs on the entire land in the Northern region are beginning to fall, those leafs colors changing make the scene so romances for single, couple, lover, and everybody. There are red, orange and yellow maple, brighten up the land in day time. Those fallen leafs on the streets, housing yards, garden parks,state and national park are moving with the rythem of winds flow. The birds, squirer, geeses, of all kinds are so busy in gathering foods before winter is here. Some of those will flying off to the warmer region, in group and in pair. The life cycle of things on this nature land just carry on.
    We’re officially saying goodbye to summer, and i’m going to turn my fire place back on to come alive in order to keep me warm. Sitting beside it with my warm liquor on my palm continuing sharing my stories as long as i still have the energy to do so.
    As you know times take it toll on our body, making the younger brown hair turn grey, times trick our memories as well,making us forget things that we used to knew.
    Remember, to leave yourself some good pleasant pictures, it will help you live through life in times to come. Giving and touching some others hearts as well
    if we could make blessing of yourself.
    Living the present moment in season change.

  7. I saw two old people walking hand in hand, moving their way to grocer shopping in a local store near by Santa Barbara plaza.
    Remember when, They were a young loving couple, seeing each others falling in love, when they first make love she was crying. Then they both make a vow tying the knot, raised a family. Before we know it heat come crushing down, fight got broken out. if we give a little more love in us,never give it up.
    Remember when, children grown up moved away, leaving the two of us, won,t be sad, looking back the life we had.
    Remember when, we,re greying old and dying, you were sick heart pain in me ,

  8. Remember when, you were gone, leaving me. Sitting beside the bed, looking at the sky, no hand to hold on, waiting for no tomorrow.
    Darling, I wish to be with you now. I’m living the present moment with devotion.

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  11. Very descriptive post, I enjoyed that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?

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