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Love your life! No one can do it for you ~ Jojo Struys


Jojo Struys is a regional TV Presenter, Speaker and Wellness Personality.

She has always had a deep interest in spirituality and she strongly believes that “we are what we think” and that our thoughts can make or break us. She has long been fascinated by the power of the mind and has studied numerous breathing techniques around the world to combat the negative effects of stress.

Jojo is as positive, warm and down-to-earth in person as she is on TV, radio, or any live stage. With her, it’s not a show. What you see is what you get. And what you get is positivity, which is a key ingredient to personal wellness.

She started learning how to meditate in her teenage years, where she discovered the true power of silence and going inward. By the age of 19, she became a certified practitioner in ‘Reiki’ and then went on to become an accredited Reiki master with more than 15 years of experience in holistic healing.

Jojo recently checked herself into an ashram in the Himalayan foothills of Rishikesh in India for an intensive 200hour teacher-training course in yoga. She is now internationally accredited by Yoga Alliance USA and will be incorporating a plethora of yogic practices and breathing techniques for overall wellbeing into her current workshops round Asia Pacific.

On a more corporate front, Jojo, who also holds a business degree, is also a corporate trainer for numerous MNC companies on the topic of stress management and she recently graduated from the foundation course at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH).

Apart from working with corporates, she also conducts more soulful, intimate workshops with members of the public to help them let go of whatever might be holding them back from realizing their true potential in life.

When she’s not meditating and studying the human mind, she is writing and hosting her own television shows, including ‘Jojo’s Diary of Asia’ on TLC, Discovery Channel Asia.

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Power of the Mind

We sometimes forget how powerful our thoughts are. We are literally what we think and whatever you focus on grows, so focus on the positives ~ Jojo Struys 

Work Bio

She’s a renown Star columnist, Malaysia’s leading English newspaper (1.8 million reach)

She is the brainchild and author of “Jojo Struys’s Guide To Wellness” as part of the MPH Masterclass Series retailing in all major bookstore chains nationwide.

Jojo Struys is the TV host/Scriptwriter of “Jojo’s Diary of Asia” a primetime series airing on TLC, Discovery Channel Asia.

She is currently the Wellbeing Brand Advocate for the Westin Hotel Group (Asia Pacific). Click here to watch the trailer

She is also the TV Host, Producer and Scriptwriter of international travel series 'Letting Go' about the various ways to de-stress around Asia, airing on Mediacorp Singapore, Go Asean (Malaysia), MNC Indonesia, TVB 8 (dubbed in Mandarin) across Asia Pacific and Singapore Airlines (globally).

She is a HRDF Approved Corporate Trainer and has trained multiple MNC companies on stress management, employee happiness and the power of effective communication.

She is the voice and creator of Malaysia’s first homegrown guided audio relaxation CD series entitled, “Letting Go with Jojo Struys” to help people de-stress, relax and become more mentally positive, available at Starbucks outlets nationwide, some hospitals, fitness gyms and selected spas (2012-2014

She is the Executive Director of cutting edge production house Kyanite TV (MSC status) which produced the first 3 consecutive seasons of Miss Universe Malaysia, the reality series, ‘Jojo’s Diary of Asia’ on TLC,  “Yuna Bintang di Langit”, “Letting Go with Jojo Struys”, “Cornetto Uda Dan Dara” for Unilever, ‘Chalk and Cheese’ on the Asian Food Channel and “Jejak Jepun Bersama Zizan” directed by Jojo herself with Air Asia X and Tourism Japan, with Malaysia’s number one comedian, Zizan Raja Lawak.

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An international destress travelogue uncovering the various ways people can let go of stress

About Jojo Struys

Jojo Struys is an accomplished speaker, author, regional TV host and HRDF accredited corporate trainer. She is very passionate about wellness and is currently the wellbeing brand advocate for the Westin Hotels, Asia Pacific.

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