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You Need To Listen Up to Be Successful

When was the last time you were at a party and you couldn’t for the life of you remember the name of the person chatting to you? It happens, right? And it’s sometimes very embarrassing. I saw a girl once who started making her way across the room when she spotted me. As she started reaching out, with a big smile on her face, I turned to look behind me, not realizing she was coming over just to greet me. It’s moments like these I wished the floor would swallow me up. I used to be terrible with names and …

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Mind Your Manners in Japan

Source: I HAVE always heard how different Japan is from the rest of the world but nothing prepared me for experiencing the culture and its people first-hand. Their customs and beliefs are steeped in tradition and they live in ways that are seemingly normal to them, but so uncommon to outsiders who are looking in. I spent two solid weeks shooting a travel series across Japan and I feel very fortunate to have had a peek into a culture so different from our own. There were countless things about Japan I found fascinating in more ways than one. Some of my discoveries …

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Live The Moment!

A lot of our day to day stresses come about because we are constantly living in the past or worrying about the future. Yet, all we ever have, or can actually expereince is the present moment. If you find it hard to be present or to focus on being right here, right now, it's probably an idea to pay close attention to small children and your pets at home. They are amongst the world's greatest teachers in living the moment. They are always 'present' and focused on whatever they are doing! I find it fascinating watching children and animals in action …

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Letting Go I've just launched my inaugural Guided Relaxation CD which is all about letting go stress and becoming more positive. Stress is something which affects us all but it's always up to you how you respond to it. The power is in your hands whether to stay calm or lose your cool. No one can make you FEEL anything by right unless you LET them. I've always felt that inner strength and calm comes from being able to control your own mind, rather than let your mind or unruly thoughts control you. Obviously, it's easier said than done. This is …

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My Ayurveda Detox

When I was a speaker at the Star Health Fair last month, where I launched my inaugural Guided Audio Relaxation CD called “Letting Go”, I had time in between my workshops to explore the diverse plethora of participating health brands. I was literally spoilt for choice but I found myself wandering into the Samkkya Ayurveda booth, where people from all walks of life with concerns ranging from migraine, diabetes, obesity, back pain, skin issues, arthiritis or other ailments were streaming in with their different enquiries. I have long been fascinated by Ayurveda, which is believed to be the oldest healing …

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The Hugging Saint Embracing the World

(Source: KGS Berlin) My first meeting with Amma, the ‘Hugging Saint’ (Published in The Star, Friday April 13th 2012) I have never met a ‘Saint’ in real-life. I thought it was just a concept you read about in ancient books, until I was enfolded in the arms of what the world lovingly refers to as “Amma”, or the “Hugging Saint”. She has hugged more than 30 million people round the world, over the last four decades. Just last weekend in Penang, about 25,000 people showed up for a hug. That’s not the shocking part. It was the fact that she …

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About Jojo Struys

Jojo Struys is an accomplished speaker, author, regional TV host and HRDF accredited corporate trainer. She is very passionate about wellness and is currently the wellbeing brand advocate for the Westin Hotels, Asia Pacific.

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