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Many Shades of Humanity

I HAVE always wondered why people say, “Green with envy” Why green? When I think of green, I think of trees in the forest, not jealousy. As it turns out, in the seventh century B.C., the ancient Greek poet Sappho, used the word ‘green’ to describe the complexion of a stricken lover. ‘Green’ and ‘pale’ were alternate meanings of the same Greek word and the Greeks believed that jealousy was accompanied by an overproduction of bile, lending a pallid green cast to the victim. At least I figured that one out because it was bugging me! I find the significance …

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Falling In Love Takes Guts!

I used to admire people who were so ‘in love’ because it must be incredible for two people to come together with such a deep connection between them. Loving someone with all your heart is brave and it takes guts. Years ago, this concept was a little too scary for me to entertain. It reminded me of the saying by author Michael Gardner, “Falling in love is like giving someone a gun and letting them point it at your heart and trusting they won’t pull the trigger.” It wasn’t the last part of the saying that bothered me about “trust” …

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Lady Gaga and Twitter continue to dominate!

It is hard to believe that outrageous exhibitionist Lady Gaga was once described as painfully shy by her former manager, Bob Leone. What on earth happened? Well, radical results often require dramatic changes so out went ‘shyness’ and in came bizarre outfits with gravity defying platforms, going to baseball games in her underwear and producing songs that have permanently enshrined her in pop history. Yet, if we backtracked into this superstar’s life, we would discover that she was pretty much headed for the limelight from the word go. When Lady Gaga was a little girl, she always had the same …

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Give Yourself a Fresh start for 2012!

I was strolling through a shopping mall last month and feeling puzzled that Christmas carols were playing over the airwaves. The same thought always flashes across my mind, “What? It’s Christmas already? How did another year just fly by so fast?” My instinctive reaction is to reflect on the past year, the highs and the lows and whether I’ve done what I set out to do in 2011. For instance, I had all these New Year resolutions but only a few were followed but others fell by the wayside and are still collecting dust. In any case, I have come up …

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Off the beaten track

I KNEW there were places on Earth where technology was completely absent and the mobile phone we all take for granted was an alien device, unfathomable to the human mind that you could hear the voice of another person in a totally different location coming out of the receiver, right into your ear. Now, I knew such places existed of course, completely untouched by the modern world and the pushy materialistic values of city life, but it was such a novel experience to visit such a place myself. About five years ago, I hiked with a Frenchman and super-adventurous friend …

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Reality TV still raking in audiences

MANY of us have a love-hate relationship with reality TV shows. We love to hate them and we hate to love them but the bottom line is, we are still watching them. When the Big Brother series came to an end in 2010 after being on UK’s Channel 4 for a decade, people thought it would signify the death of the genre, but it did quite the opposite. A plethora of other reality formats started sprouting up round the globe. American Idol exploded on the scene in 2002 with 9.9 million viewers, which skyrocketed to almost 27 million in Season …

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Jojo Struys is an accomplished speaker, author, regional TV host and HRDF accredited corporate trainer. She is very passionate about wellness and is currently the wellbeing brand advocate for the Westin Hotels, Asia Pacific.

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