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My “Avatar” Experience

The closest I’ve ever come to my very own “Avatar” experience wasn’t in some distant, far away nation. It was right here in Malaysia, deep in the heart of the Borneo jungle, to shoot a documentary in Kampung Buayan, Sabah. It was so remote that it took 4 hours off road from Kota Kinabalu and 7 hours on foot through gushing rivers and dense jungle. After walking for three hours, the sounds of the forest were almost hypnotic. I started zoning out and letting go of the city, including my initial fears about this trip. They seemed almost superficial now. …

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Shooting Yuna in London and New York

Guys, as usual I was cracking my head over what topic I wanted to write about next. My "bears harvested for their parts" article was very depressing but I strongly felt that the cruelty bears in captivity endure need all the help and exposure they can get so I wanted to raise awareness. This one's about Yuna because I just returned from shooting her for "Yuna Inspired". Here's the article taken from my Star column today...which ran with the shot of Yuna and me standing back to back but there were so many more fun shots taken on the trip …

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Here’s what I wrote in my Star column today *shudder*

Bears ‘harvested’ for their parts A Different Spin By JO-JO STRUYS There are moments in our lives that can change us forever. For a British lady called Jill Robinson, founder of Animals Asia Foundation, it was when she broke away from her tour group and walked right into a bear bile farm in China years ago. She descended a flight of stairs leading to a dim basement where she saw dozens of bears kept alive, only for their bile. They were in cages so small, also called ‘crush cages’, that the bears could not even stand in them. “It made …

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My New Year Resolution!!

Guys, here's my article from today's Star... Waking up early as a resolution A DIFFERENT SPIN By JO-JO STRUYS I was fired up at the beginning of last year with a few New Year resolutions I was determined to carry out. One of them was to learn a musical instrument. Check. I have long been fascinated with the haunting sounds of the erhu, a two-stringed Chinese fiddle. After a few months of searching for a teacher, I found my sifu and I am still learning how to play this instrument. I also wanted to get back into sports. Check. Squash …

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The Price We Pay For Beauty

THROUGHOUT the ages, women have gone to great lengths and subjected themselves to various forms of “torture” in the name of beauty. In the 10th century, the custom of binding women’s feet in China was a culture practised for almost a thousand years until it was finally outlawed in 1949. Just thinking about the process makes me wince. It involved forcibly breaking the arches of the feet when a girl was between the ages of four and seven. To enable the size of the feet to be reduced, the toes were curled under the soles and then pressed down with …

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Don’t Take Your Parents for Granted

Coming toward the end of the year always makes me sentimental. I was walking past some Xmas lights being put up in a shopping mall last week and I was shocked it was going to be Xmas again. How did a year go by so quickly? I was catching up with my father over a coffee, when he was last in KL and it struck me what I wanted to write about next. It was "Parents" and how important they are to me. Here's my article from the Star today... Parents are forever A DIFFERENT SPIN By JO-JO STRUYS No …

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Jojo Struys is an accomplished speaker, author, regional TV host and HRDF accredited corporate trainer. She is very passionate about wellness and is currently the wellbeing brand advocate for the Westin Hotels, Asia Pacific.

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